2021-22 Learning In Quarantine

The goal of remote learning is to keep students connected to their class and teacher and to make sure students maintain academic progress as best they can while away from the classroom. Please note that remote learning for individuals is not intended to be a substitute for in-person learning. Teachers will work with students to address specific circumstances related to tests, papers, and other assignments that fall due while the student is away from school.

Preschool - 8th Grade

Students will start their day with their class and have at least one other individual contact with their teacher or another adult at school each day. There will be no instruction the first day a student misses school. Students will receive instructions for the second day, the afternoon of the first day. 

9th - 12th Grade

Students will receive correspondence from their teachers to check-in and provide instructions for the next class. Quarantined students can also expect to have access to either a) recorded versions of direct instruction or b) lecture/class notes shared by the teacher. This content will be shared directly with students or posted on the class page by the teacher. Students are also able to meet with their teachers virtually during office hours for support and extra help. Grade deans, Dean of Students, advisors, the learning specialist, and the school counselor are also resources to help address any challenges related to mandated quarantines. 

The information above is a synopsis. Preparing for students to learn during quarantine is a priority for us as we start the year. We will be discussing this more in our parent information sessions and throughout the beginning of the year, which will allow us to find the right level of instruction for each grade level. If you have questions, please submit them via the Google Form and we will be happy to answer them in our zoom sessions. 


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