Seventh Graders Select SCORE Projects

February 12, 2020

Seventh graders have selected topics for their SCORE projects, been matched up with mentors from our community both on and off campus, and are now off and running with their independent research.

As our independent research curriculum continues to take shape, our goal is for students is to find continuity between their projects as they hone their research skills in each division. A great example of this are Jack Lu '25 and Harry Vicic '25, whose project is colonizing Mars. Says Harry, "I did my research on Elon Musk for a fifth grade project and that got us interested in [researching the topic further]." 

Each seventh-grade student is encouraged to choose a research topic that sparks a deep personal curiosity and turn it into a project that is meaningful and purposeful. One student may write paper while another student produces a podcast, and and yet another creates a photography portfolio. The possibilities of what a student chooses to do are limitless.

Please find a list of this year's unique project topics below. We can't wait to see the final project presentations at the showcase event on May 7! 

3D Printers

Barbie's World Impact

Betta Fish

Carnivorous Plants

Climate Change

Colonizing Mars

Crafts as Therapy

Creating a General Advice Podcast


Dancing Through the Decades

Developing a Business Plan for a Soup stand

Drugs and Their Effects

Expanding Our Life to Other Planets

Gender Discrimination

Gender Equality in Sports

Hand Eye Coordination and Sport IQ in Hockey

How Far Can Horses Smell?

Industrial Pollution

Magic & Magicians

Mental Health


Racism in soccer

Root Growth

Science of Psychology

Season Sweets: Exploring the world of business as a small business


Swimming and It's Impact on the Body

The Bermuda Triangle

The Kardashian’s Business Plan

The French Revolution

The History of the OSU & Michigan Rivalry

Why People Choose Veganism

What are the Odds App

Wildlife Adaptations

World War II


What we're curious about