Alumni Bring the Sunshine to California Gatherings

March 05, 2024

California alumni braved rains and mudslides to gather from San Diego up to Sacramento this February.

Susan Parent, Director of Annual Giving, in collaboration with the Alumni Association, gathered with the largest group in West Hollywood, hosted by Neil Johnson ‘73

CA Alumni Gatherings 2024

Thanks to the following alumni who came out to share Moravian Academy stories! Eric Michaelis ‘10, Kim Green ’90, Sarah Trebat-Leder ‘09, Julia DiPillo ’17, Sam Thayer ’72, Coco Rodale ’12, Scott Ogilvie ’72, Alex Battisti ’14, Eric Papir ’88, Alex van Gaalen ’96, Neil Johnson ’73, Mary Ann Groner ’74, Becca Margolis ’08, Chelsea Severson ’02, Rhea Malhotra ’20, David Barnes ’75, Rachel Licht ‘06, Jeff Risberg ’75, Libby Michaelis ’19, Saman Kannangara ’91, Eli Zemsky ‘23, Kristi Arend ’92, Mary Lois Tompson ’47S, Frances Niksic ’62P, and visiting Claire Hylton '19.

Next up is Philadelphia in March, the Midwest in April, and Southeast in May. Don’t be shy. Come say “Hi”!


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