Beginning School Town Meeting Focus on Community!

October 02, 2022

Every two weeks, students and teachers in preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten gather in Rogers Commons for a Town Meeting to share music, stories, traditions, and community! image.gif

IMG_9697Since the start of the new school year, our Beginning School has connected on two occasions for their Town Meeting.  In these meetings, students have celebrated August and September birthdays, enjoyed musical performances from piano and violin students, danced, sang, and shared time together to establish and strengthen their bond as a division. 

During their first Town Meeting, students heard the story, "Chrysanthemum" by Keven Henkes, a classic book for teaching names, individuality, self-love and confidence! The main character, Chrysanthemum learns to appreciate her unique name and her uniqueness as an individual. Through the reading of this book, students gained an appreciation of their own names and considered how their names create an identity.  Each child then had the opportunity to decorate their beautiful names, which are on display in our hallways. 

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During their most recent Town Meeting, students learned about the holiday Rosh Hashanah and how the Jewish New Year is celebrated!  They even got to experience The Shofar, a musical horn instrument, typically made of a ram's horn, that is ceremoniously played during this time. Aaron Zimring '35 played the Shofar for the group and showcased the different types of playing that are customary for this holiday celebration; the Tekiah is 1 blast, the Shevarim is 3 wavering continuous blasts, and the Teruah is 9 staccato blasts. 

Town Meetings will continue throughout the year and we are excited to learn from each other, share in celebrations of our community, and experience the JOY of learning together! 


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