Moravian Academy Director of Dining Services Selected for Sodexo GM Council

Moravian Academy Director of Dining Services, Benjamin Leffler, recently was selected by Sodexo to be part of their General Manager (GM) Council. The Sodexo GM Council is made up of 14 GMs and facilities directors from across the North America School Segment to come together to help facilitate a more streamlined K-12 program.

The GM Council recently had a kickoff meeting in Chicago on October 24 and 25, 2023, with VP Viviane Azzi and CEO Sodexo at Schools David Newman, discussing the goals for the upcoming school year. The council also met with Megan Kessler, Director of Frontline Strategy, to work on employee retention, and Brant Williams, VP of Sales, on support needed for client retention. The council will meet monthly to discuss solutions and develop tools for all of Sodexo accounts.

IMG_8928 (1)Azzi has shared with us that, “The vision is to engage our GMs in the planning and discussions as we address organizational and operational issues that affect our operators. The group will strive to create solutions for key strategic initiatives in the Schools Segment. Their focus will be to drive segment strategic initiatives, provide GM representation of major programs/initiatives, soliciting feedback and communicating back out.”

IMG_8952 (1)Leffler will be part of their menu development and GM training subcommittees this year to help further converge a goal for the national accounts and share the many best practices from Moravian Academy.


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