Fall 2020 Issue: Curiosity

The fall 2020 issue of the Moravian Academy Journal is now available. 


Dear Moravian Academy Community,

When we think of curiosity, the theme of this issue, as a catalyst for life-changing learning, we realize that it made our remarkable work possible over these past several months.

Not only were we able to welcome our learners back to campus for safe in-person instruction, but we also entered into a partnership with The Swain School, enabling us to expand our community reach and begin a new phase of institutional growth. Both of these momentous tasks were accomplished thanks to the relentless (ongoing!) efforts of our faculty and staff, but they began with a simple question: What if?

We asked this big question as a school, but the endlessly curious individual members of our community also ask themselves What if? Students, who often turn their curiosities into fully-fledged Comenius projects, ask: What if I can use artificial intelligence to aid in the fight against COVID-19? (pg. 18) What if I could make the world a better place through public service? What if teenagers could help combat the
opioid crisis? (pg. 3-4).

The curiosity instilled in our students stays with them long after they have left our school. Alumnus Marek Plater ’63 wonders, “What if I could become a master falconer?” (pg. 14), while History Teacher and alumna Katie Burd ’96 asks, “What if I could traverse the European countryside by bike?” (pg. 32) Ethan Green ’15 asks, “What if I could develop a vaccine against COVID-19?” (pg. 19)

Karen Washington, Director for Community and Inclusion, asks a question that is central to our mission: “What if we could define our unconscious biases as a first step toward creating a more inclusive and equitable community?” (pg. 12)

As you read through these pages, you will see that curiosity is what turns our wheels. It moves us forward. During this time of uncertainty and struggle, we never shy away from opportunities to learn, even when the challenges that accompany them may seem at first insurmountable. It’s the Moravian Academy way.

We hope the stories in this issue of the Journal inspire you to follow your own curiosities on whatever adventure awaits.


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