Fifth Grade Goes Ice Skating

January 27, 2023

Swain Campus fifth graders met up with their Downtown Campus peers for an ice skating adventure. 

image2-Jan-27-2023-05-40-47-5888-PM-1On Tuesday, February 24, 2023 fifth-grade students from the Downtown and Swain Campuses had a field trip together.  They had a fun afternoon of ice skating at the Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink.  

This was the fifth grade’s first time getting together in image0 (1)-1person.  Previously, they spent time together when they virtually met author Rob Buyea. While at the rink, students enjoyed making new friends, mingling, and catching up with previous classmates or friends they know from extra-curricular activities who attend the other campus.

IMG_0939-1Some students held tight to the rink boards or eachother, while others showed off their figure skating and ice hockey moves. But everyone had a great time skating and sharing time outdoors!

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