First Grade Playdate on the Swain Campus

September 30, 2022

On Thursday September 29, 2022 first grade from the Downtown Campus traveled to the Swain Campus for a playdate!

IMG_9591First grade students enjoyed an afternoon together on the Swain playground and instantly made new friends! After spending time laughing, playing, and exploring, they shared a picnic lunch.  Everyone was in agreement that their favorite part of the playdate was recess, lunch, and a sweet frozen treat!  


page-1-drawing4Clara Brown '34 from the Downtown Campus shared,  “Today I visited the Swain School. I met a friend, actually, two friends. Their names are Hunter and Finley. I had so much fun with them. I can’t wait much longer to see them again. I played on their playground. I played on the treehouse and the swings. The treehouse had two slides. Then we had lunch. I liked the popsicles. I hope they can come to my school someday.” 


Swain/Downtown First Grade Playdate



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