Makayla Maeding '28 Recreates "Figures Dancing"

May 21, 2020

Recently, I offered my class an optional extra credit assignment and Makayla Maeding '28 had a wonderful time using her creativity to recreate, "Figures Dancing" by Keith Haring.

Makayla sent me pictures of her work. Check them out below!

Here were the directions from the assignment:

Figures Dancing

Figures Dancing with lines and angles *Extra Credit*

Use the painting, Figures Dancing by Keith Haring as your inspiration

1. Trace yourself in a “dance move” on large paper or using side walk chalk outside.

2. Fill the inside of your body with words to describe yourself - fill the SPACE!

3. Fill the outside of your body with different types of LINES and ANGLES!

4. Take a picture. Record what you did. Share with your favorite teacher! :)

Makayla Maeding Social 1

Makayla Maeding Social 2

Makayla Maeding Social 3





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