MA Excels at Regional PJAS Competition

March 05, 2023

On Saturday, February 25th, all three campuses of Moravian Academy were well represented at the  Region 3 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Region 3 meeting at Northampton Community College. 

Our students earned the following awards:

Downtown Campus

  • Isaac Sharma '28 (First Award) Behavioral Science:  ‘Do Video Games Make You Prone to Violence?’
  • Ian Nikolov '28 (Second Award) Chemistry: ‘Fruit Batteries?’
  • Marlon Maignan '28 (First Award) Physics:  ‘Bombs Away: Ping Pong Ball Launching with a Catapult’
  • Matthew Maignan '28 (First Award) Physics:  ‘Vroom, Vroom, Vroom: Which Ramp Angle is the Fastest?’
  • Olivia Lennert '27 (First Award) Behavioral Science: ‘Does Color Affect Memory?’
  • Sonali Patel '27 (First Award) Botany: ‘The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on the Roots of Germinated Seeds’
  • Jonathan Kim '27 (First Award) Behavioral Science: ‘Effects of Reward and Punishment’
  • Sam Skinner '27 (Perfect Score Award) Chemistry: ‘The Chemistry of Cake Rising’ 

Swain Campus

  • Duncan McIntosh '28 (First Award) Microbiology: ‘Effect of Cleansers on Bacterial Growth’
  • Matthew Young  '28 (First Award) Physics: ‘The Effect of Density on Heat Retention’
  • Harchaet Singh '28 (First Award) Biology: ‘The Effect of UV Light on Bacteria in Water’
  • Hamilton Wreaks '28 (Second Award) Biology: ‘The Effect of Light on Growth of Mold
  • Aaron Kraus '28 (Perfect Score Award) Botany: ‘The Effect of Juglone on the Germination of Plants’
  • Henry Sprague '28 (Second Award) Ecology: ‘Effect of Mulch on the Water Retention of Soil
  • Maya Estrada '28 (Second Award) Physics: ‘Efficiency of Different Types of Light Bulbs’
  • Emma Estrada '27 (First Award) Physics: ‘Efficiency of Solar Powered Battery
  • Olivia Laible-Warner '27 (First Award) Microbiology: ‘Effect of Deodorants/Antiperspirants on Bacterial Growth’ 
  • Joseph Sixsmith '27 (First Award) Physics: ‘The Effect That Pencils Have on Measurements of Light’
  • Laila Erney '27 (First Award) Chemistry: ‘Vitamin C Content of Various Juices’
  • Toler Wreaks '27 (First Award) Microbiology: ‘Effectiveness of Synthetic Versus Natural Antibiotics’
  • Braylon Flores '27 (First Award) Microbiology: ‘Effectiveness of Antiseptics on E.coli’
  • Lorelei Rocchio '27 (First Award) Microbiology: ‘The Effect of Facial Cleansers on Bacterial Growth’
  • Sophia Hanna '27 (Perfect Score Award) Microbiology: ‘Effect of Hand Santizers on Bacterial Growth’

Merle-Smith Campus

  • Aayona Vikram '26 (First Award) Ecology: ‘Reduction of Pollution Using Soil’
  • Aadi Deshmukh '26 (First Award) Ecology: ‘Combating Invasive Species Using Artificial Intelligence’
  • Okezue Bell '23 (First Award) Biochemistry: ‘Distance Metric Selection in Normed Vector Spaces of Cells’

Students receiving first awards have been invited to present their projects at the state-level meeting to be held at Penn State University in State College, PA on May 15, 2023. 

We are so proud of our STEM fair students and we wish them continued success in May!


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