Making Alumni Connections: April 2023

April 28, 2023

Moravian Academy alumni connected in DC, VA, MD, and DE from April 17-20, 2023. Thanks to so many awesome alumni for taking the time to join in!

Virginia alumni included Dhruv Krishna ‘20 and Soren Gandhi at UVA, Helene Sage ‘65P near Bedford, Chasey Augustin ‘20, Maya Ettle ‘20, Kathrine Yeaw ‘20, Arielle Siner ‘13, Cait Davies ‘08, and Cameron Warner ‘76 in Richmond. In the DC area I met Carol Herman ‘61P, John and Jeanne Fulton ‘61P, Carol Boquist ‘62S, Jai Ailawadi ‘22, Naveen Ailawadi ‘19, Vinith Annam ‘06, Erin Campbell ‘17, Ethan Green ‘15, Matt Moran ‘92 with special guest, Head of School Adrianne Finley Odell! In the Baltimore area I was joined by Deanna Egelston ‘90, Eric Edelman ‘20 and Chris Seybolt Esq. ‘83, and finally in Delaware, Katie Fisher ‘19 and Adel Lomibao ‘04 shared their Moravian stories.

Conversations were rich and memories of Moravian Academy were full of gratitude. Thanks for staying connected.

Our next alumni stops will be in New England May 9-11. Contact Bob Zaiser for more info. We hope to see you!


Thanks to all for coming out! Next stop, New England May 9-11!


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