Moravian Academy Journal: Compassion (Spring 2022)

May 20, 2022

The spring 2022 issue of the Moravian Academy Journal is now available. Featuring stories from the fall to the start of the spring 2022 semester, the theme of this issue is compassion.


Letter from the Editors

Dear reader, 

When the 2021-2022 school year began, in many ways it felt like Moravian was entering a new era. We started the year fresh, three campuses united under a new mission. Gradually, as health protocols allowed, field trips returned. Grade-level, campus-wide, and even all-school gatherings were possible again. We began  connecting with each other, in-person, in ways we haven't experienced in a long time. By the spring, our school became mask-optional, and smiles graced our beautiful campuses one again. 

While it sometimes feels like this new era has been defined by the pandemic, we would argue that it has actually been defined by compassion -- the theme of this issue. Yes, you will read about exceptional academic achievements, the return of live audiences to student performances, adventures near and far, and all kinds of success stories. But, these experiences don't happen in a bubble. The amazing feats of our students and faculty are happening in the midst of a pandemic while complex societal issues unfold. So how do we make it all happen? How do we learn and laugh and celebrate when life feels so heavy? We show each other compassion.

From the podium at Swain where eighth-graders lift up their friends and loved ones (and pets and historical figures!) with inspiration speeches, to a record-breaking year collecting donations for the Holiday Hope Chest Downtown, to Comenius Projects approached with empathy, this year has seen our learners take the lead when it comes to giving those in our community and beyond a helping hand. Compassion is at the heart of the courageous conversations that have been central to the community-building we've undergone this year. It has been one of the driving forces of our progress as a school.

We also took the opportunity to highlight three of our school superheroes this issue: our school counselors! Flip to page 34 to read more about how their radical compassion, life-changing social and emotional learning tools, and support of each and every student help to create the strong community that feels like home to so many generations of alumni and families. 

When we take the next steps into the future with our compassionate learners leading the way, we are sad to be doing so without Head of School Jeff Zemsky, who after six incredible years, is saying goodbye to Moravian Academy. Thanks to his visionary leadership, Mr. Zemsky leaves us at a time when we have never been more optimistic about our future. Taking his place as the Interim Head of School will be Adrianne Finley Odell, with the search for permanent Head ongoing.

As you read the stories in this issue, take heart. Like our students, be inspired to show compassion, even when it's hard. On the Swain, Downtown, and Merle-Smith Campuses, we enter this exciting new era together, and we can't wait to see what's next.


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