myMA Assignments Center Tour

March 27, 2020

Throughout our virtual school journey, our myMA portal remains an essential communication tool for faculty, students, and parents/guardians.

An important feature of myMA is the "Assignments" functionality. From each of their child(ren)'s profiles, parents and guardians can click on "Assignments" to access a list of their student's assignments. The list of assignments can be viewed in a variety of organized formats (i.e. by day, by week, by month, by assigned date, by deadline). Each of the assignments within myMA is clickable and leads to more information provided by the specific faculty member.

Perhaps most helpful within the Assignments center is the "Grid" view, which allows users to compile an exhaustive list of assignments from all of their classes in a full calendar grid.

For example, as explained in my video tutorial below, by clicking on Assignments > Grid View and then selecting both "Week" and "Due," parents/guardians can create what can become a helpful check-list of what assignments are due throughout the week. This grid can also be printed or exported to Google Calendar (or any other calendar you currently utilize). 

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please reach out if there are any other tutorials of myMA functions or any other helpful resources that we can provide. We are here to support students and their families throughout our time together in virtual school.


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