Preschool Begins Their Study of Apples!

All this week, our friends in Preschool have been learning about apples! They have been using their creativity and powers of observation to discover as much as they can about all things apple!

IMG_2508They started by exploring the outside and inside where they found the skin, flesh, stem, and seeds. They also learned that apple trees grow from seeds and that apples grow on apple trees! Additional discovery of their apples lead them to experiment with sinking and floating.  Equipped with a large tub of water, preschool made predictions indicating wether they thought the apple would sink or float. They also investigated a toy car, coins, Lego, and a toy horse to determine which of these objects would sink or float! 

Preschool enjoyed reading a story about a boy who is looking for a red house with a star inside!  The house ended up being an apple and the star was the pattern the seeds make then you cut an apple open.





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