Second Grade Gets to Know Mrs. Reger!

September 09, 2022

Students on the Swain Campus in second grade spent some time getting to know more about Mrs. Reger and shared in a valuable lesson about empathy and compassion.

IMG_7577Mrs. Reger was born with the need for a prosthetic left arm and has had one ever since she was six months old.  Second grade students learned about her prosthesis and how it has helped her in her daily life.  Mrs. Reger brought in and shared with these students her different sized prosthetic arms that have evolved and changed.  Since she was six months old she has been refitted for a new prosthetic every year and as an adult, gets a new prothesis every five years!   

Not only did students get to see all the different prosthetic arms that Mrs. Reger has used, but they got to try them on and learned how to operate, "Hook"!  

Their inquisitive minds asked tons of questions and students were able to learn that Mrs. Reger is an avid kayaker and whitewater rafter and while she takes her prosthesis off for swimming, she will leave it on for these activities to have as much mobility as possible! 

They were able to "walk in someone else's shoes," and develop their empathy by sharing feelings with another.  





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