Sixth Grade Brings Ecology Studies to Jacobsburg State Park

October 18, 2022

It’s become a tradition for sixth-graders to explore Jacobsburg State Park in the fall!

This year middle school students on the Downtown Campus enjoyed a beautiful fall day outside as they spent Friday, October 7, at the park.

To begin the school year, sixth grade studies ecology in science and learns how to nature journal in English, so the day was a perfect blend of curriculum-related activities and fun! The students participated in three different workshops led by Jacobsburg educators and our own Mrs. Bulman

Fall 2022 Sixth Grade Goes to Jacobsburg State Park

Jacobsburg educators led the students as they enjoyed wading in the Bushkill Creek to catch and study macroinvertebrates to learn about their importance to the ecosystem.  The educators also helped the students to observe and sketch plants and to analyze their characteristics to help them understand about native and invasive species. Students took advantage of the lovely pollinator garden and the tranquil banks of the Bushkill Creek to record their thoughts as Mrs. Bulman led them through the nature journaling workshop.

It was a wonderful day to be outside and to appreciate nature!


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