Students Dissect Human Cadavers at Venel Institute

May 19, 2022

On Monday, May 16, 25 Anatomy & Physiology students had the unique opportunity to visit the Venel Institute in Bethlehem.

They experienced a human cadaver shoulder/elbow/hand dissection. This amazing educational experience was made possible by the school’s partnership with St. Luke’s Sports Medicine and our athletic director, Manny Oudin.

Dr. Gregory Carolan, a St. Luke’s Orthopedic sports medicine physician and a Moravian Academy parent, led the students through the dissection. Dr. Carolan allowed students to assist him as well if they wanted. We had many students that were quick to volunteer for a chance to learn from a human cadaver arm and such a talented physician.

Venel Institute Field Trip

Dr. Carolan started the morning with a discussion about human cadavers and those who donate their bodies to science. He also shared a little history about the cadaver that would be examined in the lab during our dissection. The students also shared their future interests in science and medicine with Dr. Carolan before changing into scrubs and heading into the lab.

Once in the lab, the students were outfitted for the dissection. Dr. Carolan explained the anatomy and physiology of the human shoulder, elbow, and hand during the dissection. The dissection lasted for about 90 minutes with most students participating at some point in the actual dissection. 

Following the dissection, Dr. Carolan had a video on shoulder repair surgery (his specialty) to share with students as well.  Overall, this was an amazing experience for our students to conclude their study of human anatomy and physiology this school year.


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