The Spring 2021 Journal: Limitless Learners

November 03, 2021

The latest issue of the Moravian Academy Journal is now digitally available, with print copies forthcoming!


Dear reader,

The theme of this issue is “limitless learners,” two words that encapsulate what it means to be a student on the Downtown, Swain, or Merle-Smith Campus. Through artistic self-expression, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the support of a compassionate community, learners can explore the depths of their unique potential. Within the pages of this issue, you will see that our growing community celebrated triumphs big and small as they went along their journey to discover that their educational possibilities are limitless.

Gabrielle Kelley ‘13SS ‘17 MA saw the release of her first single (pg. 24), while kindergartners on the Downtown Campus celebrated successfully hatching chicks (pg. 22). The Swain Campus unveiled its renovated spaces as part of the ReImagine Campaign (pg. 56), and, of course, our twelfth- and eighth-graders experienced big milestones. We said goodbye to the Class of 2021 during a beautiful outdoor Commencement ceremony (pg. 6), with opportunity looming large over graduates as they took a big step toward the future. At the Swain Campus, eighth graders were cheered on as they entered the next phase of their educational journey, with many continuing as Merle-Smith Upper Schoolers (pg. 14).

Among all of the victories and celebrations you’ll find, perhaps the biggest is the strategic progress we’ve made as a school. We’re proud to share with you our mission and update you on the next steps as we further define the identity of each unique campus (pg. 30).

Within these pages, you will read stories about the many ways students are empowered to become limitless learners. We’re thankful that you’re a part of our community, and we invite you to join us on our journey.

Happy reading,

Stephanie Vasta
Director of Communications & Marketing

Julia Fox
Associate Director of Communications


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