Wordle: Is Everyone Playing? Rohan Mehta '23 Investigates

May 27, 2022

The viral word game Wordle has captivated people all across the US, so much so that it seems like everyone you know is playing. But are they? And exactly how viral has the game gone?

Mehta_Rohan 150As a fun project over spring break, I was inspired to try and answer this question using some programming. I wrote a simple program to scrape 100 "#Wordle" Tweets from each of the fifty states every day, and then compute various statistics from this information: such as the average daily score, and in what state the most Tweets were posted (hint: it's not Pennsylvania!).

I wrote up these results in a short blog post on my website, and even created a dashboard that shows these statistics on a day-by-day basis. Since then, the program has collected over two months worth of data, showing that, among other things, the game actually hasn't gotten harder since it was purchased by the New York Times. For more interesting data-driven Wordle insights (or just pretty looking graphs!), you can check out some of the things I've posted on Twitter. 


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