Back-to-School-Night: Downtown Campus 2021-22

September 23, 2021

Have we told you lately how much we love having your sons and daughters back on campus? If not, let us reiterate once again how incredibly special they are--bringing us much joy on a daily basis!

On Thursday, September 23rd, we are excited to host our virtual Back-to-School Night (BTSN) to share the wonderful things happening on the Downtown Campus - Early Childhood, the Lower School, and Middle School! We have some important information to share, and we truly value the school-family partnership, so we hope you can join us. The format for BTSN will be similar to last year’s evening. We will host grade-level Zoom meetings, where you will hear from your child’s teachers. Our goal is to make the evening flow as smoothly as possible.


We will begin BTSN with Mr. Jeff Zemsky, Head of School; Ms. Benita Griffin, Director of the Downtown Campus; and Ms. Dawn Brews, Assistant Director of the Downtown Campus in an all-campus (Early Childhood, Lower School and Middle School) parent meeting at 6:00 pm.

From 6:15 pm onwards, you are invited to meet your child(ren)’s teachers via Zoom according to the schedule below. Please keep in mind that questions pertaining to your specific child are better addressed privately with your child’s teacher. All sessions will be recorded and shared after the evening’s program. So, if you cannot make it to any live sessions, you can view the recording at your convenience. Recordings will be available on myMA, which is password protected. We look forward to seeing you there!

Back-to-School Night Schedule

To join any Zoom session, please click on the appropriate link during the designated time shown below.


All Campus 

Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School

6:00-6:15 pm

Welcome Message from Administration

All families, please join us!

Welcome Message Zoom Link Meeting ID: 968 1106 7555, Passcode: 2zahJw

Early Childhood and Lower School Schedule

6:15-6:45 pm

Early Childhood and Lower School Homeroom Live Sessions

Preschool Zoom Link - Bauer/Burcaw Meeting ID: 449 307 2527, Passcode: ZL1eyK

Prekindergarten Zoom Link - Hummel/ Berkenstock  Meeting ID: 977 0590 7509, Passcode: h4kbp3

PreKindergarten Zoom Link - Haines Meeting ID: 308 390 3261, Passcode: 048389

Kindergarten Zoom Link - Bowser/ Anglund Meeting ID: 929 1353 7500, Passcode: jnmJ4n

Kindergarten  SIP Zoom Link- Torres Meeting ID: 828 697 5863, Passcode: 4FThZH

Grade 1 Zoom Link - Endress Meeting ID: 208 697 259, Passcode: 187191

Grade 1 SIP Zoom Link - Pascuzzi Meeting ID: 356 622 2567, Passcode: 749839

Grade 2 Zoom Link - Andriko Meeting ID: 295 573 2240, Passcode: 927075

Grade 2 SIP Zoom Link - Vanegas Meeting ID: 416 828 9810, Passcode: 325315

Grade 3 Zoom Link - Kuehner  Meeting ID: 661 418 9965, Passcode: Kuehner

Grade 3 Zoom Link - Andreychak Meeting ID: 993 8979 9504, Passcode: ThirdGrade

Grade 3 SIP Zoom Link -Monedero  Meeting ID: 619 870 3310 Passcode: FEXX6r

Grade 4 Zoom Link - B. Matlock  Meeting ID: 333 168 2850, Passcode: 496384

Grade 4 SIP Zoom Link- M. Matlack Meeting ID: 684 536 3254, Passcode: 1RQUWd

Grade 5 Zoom Link - DiMenichi Meeting ID: 972 0307 2631, Passcode: J070Y6

Grade 5 Zoom Link - Keretz Meeting ID: 665 985 4397, Passcode: fitness

Grade 5 SIP Zoom Link - Medina Meeting ID: 957 3967 1662, Passcode: moravian

6:45-7:00 pm

Lower School Music and Instrumental Live Session

Music Zoom Link - Wallace, Wetzel, Morrison, Fanning Meeting ID: 772 712 0450, Passcode: 6zXP0L

7:00-7:15 pm

Lower School Physical Education Live Session

PE Zoom Link - Miller/Keretz, Meeting ID: 915 678 9307, Passcode: 634559

7:15-7:30 pm

Lower School Art Live Session

Art Zoom Link - Elstein Meeting ID: 974 2292 6021, Passcode: WeSRz8

7:30-7:45 pm

Lower School Library Live Session

Library Zoom Link- Laubscher/Whelan Meeting ID: 620 023 2477, Passcode: 0XT6Z4

Middle School Schedule

7:00-7:45 pm

Middle School Live Session

6th Grade Zoom Link, Meeting ID: 847 1622 2733, Passcode: gxK8ZX

7th Grade Zoom Link, Meeting ID: 931 7574 4320, Passcode: aNHj5P

8th grade Zoom Link, Meeting ID: 819 9544 9301 Passcode: 8thGrade



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