Alumni Coast to Coast: MA Heads to the Midwest

May 07, 2024

Moravian Academy alumni from Detroit to Minneapolis gathered with great enthusiasm across many Midwest cities.

I had the great privilege of hearing personal stories about college, careers, families, friendships, and the significance of being Moravian Academy alumni. Thanks to the following for coming out to say "Hello!"

Alumni Coast to Coast: Midwest 2024

I met with Elaine Hockman '57S, Anika Agrawal '23, Keith Lutostansky '21, Mike Stengel '09, Samit Mohapatra '22, Jean Hopkins '55S, and Andy Keller '95 in Michigan. Lila Mangino '21, Lizzie Stifel '19, and Ranjan Rohatgi '07 joined me in Indiana. Joe Gano '60P, Ethan Buck '20, Josh Ruebeck '13, Olga Sklyarova '07, Michael Corsa '95, and Monica Masters '86 gathered in Illinois, where Head of School, Adrianne Finley Odell, joined a group for dinner. I saw Sandy Ammon '56 in Wisconsin, and Adam Fix '09, Trevor Parkes '11, Chris Evans '01, and David Orsi '99 in Minneapolis. 

Gatherings are being planned for the 2024-2025 school year! Contact Susan Parent or Bob Zaiser for more info.


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