Alumni Share Advice with Students for College Panel Day

February 03, 2023

Engagement between alumni and current students is an important part of the Moravian Academy community!

That came to light on Friday, January 27, when seven alumni from the classes of 2020 and 2021 joined us virtually to participate in a panel discussion with our current students from 9th-12th grade. 

Within small breakout rooms, students had the opportunity to ask alumni about their post-Moravian experiences and college life. Topics included finding the right college fit, social life and housing, academics, and how to get involved.

Meghan Connors ‘20 addressed a student group from a wide range of grades. "Take this advice as you need," she said to ninth-grade. "Don't over worry about your college choices right now. You have four years to figure that out." To the sophomores and juniors she said, "If you have any questions for us, I know the next year or two years is going to be a lot. It's going to be hectic, but it's going to be fun. And then once it's over, it's a breath of fresh air."

Dale Berkove '21 offered the following advice about choosing a major: 

It'll happen over time... Most colleges will put you through a general course of study for the first year anyway, and that's a really great time to figure out what classes you really liked in that year. Also rely on the resources Moravian gives you, stepping back and looking at them... You guys have a lot of clubs and a lot of different classes. Take the classes that you think are interesting for you now, and you might discover that you really like it or might not like it. For me, I ended up managing the baseball team, which seems so minuscule, but I learned that I really liked being hands-on in sports, and I liked being behind the scenes more, so I chose business in that sense where it's like sports business now.

We want to give special thanks to the following alumni who took the time to join our call, share their experience, and reconnect with our MA community:

  • Dale Berkove ‘21 - Case Western Reserve UniversitY
  • Meghan Connors ‘20 - University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Julius Ewungkem ‘20 - Harvard University
  • Brooke Foran ‘21 - Will begin at Maritime Academy in Fall 2023
  • Willem Parent ‘20 - Cornell University
  • Chloe Wreaks ‘21 -  Babson College
  • Kathrine Yeaw ‘20 - University of Richmond

"Thanks for being willing to share your insights and a little bit about your experience," said Head of School Adrianne Finley Odell. "You will reduce the anxiety a little bit for our students who will soon be in your shoes. I look forward to welcoming any of you back to campus when you have a chance."


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