AP French Students Place 2nd in Global Roxxem FrancoManie Tournament

November 30, 2023

Madame Sanborn’s Advanced French and AP French Language and Culture classes completed in the first-ever Roxxem FrancoManie Tournament, an official "Manie Musicale" event.

From November 1 to November 15, students engaged in Roxxem games featuring eight song tracks by Francophone artists, including those from fan favorites Angèle, Gims, and Missy D. Students earned points by learning song lyrics and competing with French learners and classes globally. The AP French class earned over 4 million points and placed second in the world!  

Bon travail !

As their prize, they earned one year of Roxxem Pro Teacher for Madame Sanborn and a fifty dollar Amazon gift card, with which they bought an air fryer. That means that they will be able to enjoy Francophone snacks, and French students will benefit from their hard work for years to come!


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