Back to Coffeehouse 2023

November 30, 2023

On November 17 and 18, 2023, performers took to the stage in Dyer Auditorium for Back to COFFEEHOUSE, the Merle-Smith Campus's iconic annual variety show. 


We followed Colin '25 to 1742 and back again, fueled by music, dance, help from friends like Doc Wisdo, Countess Benigna, Comenius, and even (Time Lord) D. Esther Swain, and that special blend of coffee.

Back to Coffeehouse 2023

Shout out to Ms. Brooke Harrsch and Mr. Rob Riker for their creative direction. Thanks to our entire faculty for their tireless commitment to our students and the performing arts—over 1/3 of students at the Merle-Smith Campus were in some way involved with Coffeehouse!



See the full list of performers in the show program below.


Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.00 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.24 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.35 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.44 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.58 AM



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