Moravian Gold Harvest at the Merle-Smith Apiary
July 13, 2022
An unBEElievable harvest at the Merle-Smith apiary produces 130 lbs. of Moravian Gold honey in 82 jars! 
Downtown Campus Closing Chapels
July 26, 2022
On Thursday, June 9, and Friday, June 10, we celebrated our students and the end of the school during our traditional Closing Chapels. 


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Film Fest 2022

June 10, 2022

The 2022 Film Fest Reel, a selection of creative submissions from students on all three campuses, is here.

MAMA’s 12th Annual Film Festival

April 13, 2022

Downtown Campus: Submissions for the Moravian Academy Media Arts Film Fest are now open! 

MAMA’s 11th Annual Film Festival

April 16, 2021

Good afternoon. This note is intended to provide some basic information about the MAMA program, to serve as an announcement with regard to this year’s film festival, and to invite you to participate by making a film of your own. The Moravian Academy Media Arts (MAMA) program was created for the purpose of providing opportunities to our students and the overall community for creative expression through film and other media arts. Over the past ten years, we've created and shared our film projects typically in the form of divisional assemblies. This year, with the coronavirus pandemic, things have looked quite different: we have not been able to create videos in our filmmaking electives as we have in the past, so we’re going to need to rely heavily on submissions from classes and cohorts inside of school and students and families outside of school. We’re not sure what we’ll get, but we’re hoping we’ll have enough content to share and enjoy together in some form. This is your invitation! Please consider creating a short video-based project and sharing it with us. For submission guidelines and rules, please see the submission form.