Comenius Independent Study Program 2023-24

September 08, 2023

The Comenius Independent Study Program is an opportunity for Moravian Academy sophomores, juniors, and seniors to indulge their curiosity by undertaking independent projects in specific areas of study.

This is your chance to share your love of learning with our community and make a name for yourself as an independent scholar heading into your college years! 

For students considering the program, step one is to join the Comenius Google Classroom. Once you are added to the classroom, additional information and announcements will come to you through it. Joining the Comenius Classroom does not mean that you are obligated to complete a project, only that you are interested and considering one.

The handbook provides all of the information and guidance you need to formulate a project proposal. It will be crucial that you solicit the help of a faculty mentor as early as possible in the process of formulating your project. Please read the handbook thoroughly and make note of the following important dates: 

September 11–18: Join the Comenius Google Classroom.

September 28: Provide a draft proposal to your mentor on or before this date.

October 5: Submission of final proposal and signatures page

The proposal must be uploaded to the Comenius Google Classroom.

The signatures document must be delivered to Dr. Crowe’s mailbox as a hard copy or digitally as a PDF.

October–April: Meet with your mentor at least once every 10 to 15 school days.

December 4–8: Status Update Meetings with Comenius Committee

March 4-8: Status Update Meetings with Comenius Committee

April 12: Drafts of products and presentation due to mentor for critique and direction

April 26: Revised products and presentation due to mentor

May 9 (Tentative): Comenius Project Fair (Project products are due to the Comenius Committee no later than the time of the Fair.)

Failure to meet deadlines will likely result in the cancellation of your project.

The deadline for project proposals is Thursday, October 5, at 3:30 PM.

I hope you will consider a Comenius Project this year! Reach out by email or stop by Snyder 206 for a chat if you have any questions. 


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