Cultivating Science and Wellness in Sixth Grade Through Plant Nurturing

November 16, 2023

Sixth-grade students at the Swain Campus discovered the connection between science and personal well-being by exploring the therapeutic aspects of plant care. 

PXL_20231115_174019764.PORTRAIT~3Veronica Moore, the founder of Brown Skin Plant Mama and parent of Hunter '34, visited the classroom to discuss the scientific benefits of nurturing plants for mental health.

Students engaged in a hands-on experience by transplanting philodendrons intoPXL_20231115_175549323 personally decorated pots. Beyond the practical planting, they began a journey of self-discovery through personal journals, focusing on nurturing not only the plants but also their own personal growth. Each student embraced the challenge of setting a personal goal and making a commitment to the ongoing care of their leafy companions.

Students affectionately named their potted pals, eagerly looking forward to the evolving process of care throughout the academic year. 

This blend of science and self-exploration will cultivate not just plants, but a rich tapestry of personal growth for our vibrant sixth-grade community.


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