Culture and Creativity: Japan Week 2021

Second grade’s curriculum includes the study of Japan. In previous years, we had our Japan Night Presentation where students showcased their knowledge of the unit to their families. Our last Japan Night, in 2019, was assembled as an interactive museum with children presenting to families on different topics. Unfortunately, this year we could not have a live presentation. Instead, we adjusted to the circumstances and found a way to bring the children’s vibrant enthusiasm and knowledge to our families via a virtual Japan Week Presentation.

During our extensive study of Japan we learned about its geography, culture and traditions, the Tea Ceremony and Cherry Blossoms, how children celebrate Children’s Day, and how schools in Japan are different from ours, among other things. We also incorporated additional experiences beyond the classroom as much as possible. We attended a virtual Japanese Dance Workshop live in Japan, we had a mini picnic under cherry trees around school, we flew the Koinoboris we made, we had guest speakers, and we created many fun crafts.

Additionally, thanks to the dedication of our creative faculty, we were able to incorporate art, science, and music into the study of our Japan unit. In science, the class learned about earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes using Japan as the geographic platform. In music, the students reenacted a Japanese Folk legend called "Momotaro." In Art, the children created masks, paintings, and clay tea bowls!

We hope you enjoy our Japan Week 2021!

Mrs. Andriko, Ms. Anglund, Sra. Vanegas


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