Exploring the Chemical and Physical Changes of Matter in 5th Grade Science

February 09, 2024

Mrs. Mitchell and her 5th-grade scientist conducted a curiosity-driven lab where they explored the chemical and physical changes of matter.
Untitled (1800 x 2400 px) (1)Untitled (1800 x 2400 px) (2)The lab consisted of 12 stations, each uniquely designed to showcase a chemical or physical change. Students actively uncovered secret chemical messages, participated in candy digestion, witnessed instant snow formation, experienced color magic transformations, and more.  

Beyond the captivating demonstrations, the lab emphasized the importance ofUntitled design (71) safety, instilling essential skills in handling chemicals, hot plates, and other laboratory equipment. This hands-on approach deepened the students' understanding of matter and equipped them with crucial laboratory skills, laying a solid foundation for their future scientific excellence.




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