Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Kristi Johnson '97

February 13, 2020

Kristi Johnson '97 has been a member of the counseling team at the Lower and Middle School for a year and a half. She can frequently be found engaged in conversations across all buildings of the downtown campus or leading large and small group sessions for students. 

Let's get to know Mrs. Johnson.

Why did you choose education/teaching as your profession? 

I always knew that I wanted to have a career in a helping profession. My college advisor had a huge impact on the career path I chose. I took one of her psychology courses and had the opportunity to run a study where I worked with children. It was at that point that I decided that I wanted to help children and young adults. I enjoyed that course so much that I continued to take psychology courses and decided that I wanted to go into the counseling profession.

What is your favorite moment/event at Moravian Academy during the school year?

 I love Country Fair! My children have so much fun riding the rides and playing games with their friends. It's a great opportunity for Moravian Academy families to get together, have fun, and raise money for our school. I also enjoy seeing all the alumni that come back to visit. I think it’s an amazing event for our community.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at Moravian Academy?

Moravian Academy has a special place in my heart.  When I transfered to Moravian in high school, I developed a true love of learning! I had such an amazing experience that I knew that Moravian was the school that I wanted my children to attend. Moravian has incredible traditions, teachers, and a strong sense of community. I love being a part of keeping Moravian great and giving back to the school that has had such a positive impact on me and my children.

What do you hope to provide to students in your classes and what do you hope they take away?

My hope is that I provide students with a safe environment where they feel comfortable expressing their experiences and emotions. I want them to know that I am here to support them in any way that I can while they are navigating through their middle school years. My hope is that they walk out of my office feeling better then they did when they walked in. 

What do you value about the home/school partnership? 

Communication between home and school is fundamental for a student’s academic, social and emotional success.  We are a team and need to work together in supporting our students. The more communication between home and school the better!  

What Moravian Academy tradition do you enjoy most? 

Vespers! I love watching all the students show their vocal and musical talent. It truly is a magical event that my family and I look forward to every year. 

What's something we don’t know about you?

Photography is a passion of mine. I was never very talented in drawing or painting; however, I found my creative edge in my images. I grew to love photography during my time spent at the Upper School and continued to take courses throughout college. I loved taking long drives and capturing different places and things that I saw along the way. Now that I have a family, most of my photos are of my four children and husband. As is typical of many photographers, I don’t have many pictures of myself because I am always behind the lens.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love spending time with my children and going on different adventures as a family. Their interests vary, so we end up doing a lot of different things ranging from skiing to waterparks.  Family time is precious to me, so any free time I have, I make it a priority to spend it with them.


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