Families Bring Diwali Celebration to Downtown Campus

October 29, 2022

Monday, October 22, was Diwali, the Festival of Lights traditionally celebrated by those in the Hindu tradition.

From designing rangoli to dancing to reading stories about Diwali, we want to thank our Downtown Campus families in the Lower School who shared their traditions with students and teachers, bringing the celebration of light and color into our classrooms.

  • The family of Hetvi '34, who led the effort and organized with other first-grade families, including those of Anora '34, Avi '34, and Rishan '34.
  • The family of kindergartner Quentin Polack '35 for sharing their traditions and bringing in a diya for each child.
  • The Gahla family, who came to second-grade Spanish Immersion to shine their light and share with us an important tradition.

Highlights from our celebrations are below!

Downtown Campus Lower School Diwali



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