French Students Participate in Manie Musicale

April 30, 2021

Upper School French students participated in Manie Musicale for the second year in a row. Manie Musicale is a French song competition started in 2017 by Stephanie Carbonneau and Michelle Fournier, two middle school French teachers from Maine. The goal of Manie Musicale is to increase student engagement in the French language, expand their cultural knowledge, and improve their French skills using popular songs.

The organizers strive to include a great variety of songs, both in terms of genre and the background of the artists. You can check out this year’s bracket and the results below. Please note that there is a Youtube playlist, as well as a Spotify playlist. Warning, though, there are several earworms!


Felicitations to Sophia Brands '22, Rohan Mehta '23, and Grace Sanborn '21 who earned the most points in their respective classes. Incredibly, thirteen students (Grace Baittinger '24, Jeniyah Benitez '24, Sophia Brands '22, Yiyi Chen '22, Lucia Cinquino '24, Alivia Humphreys '22, Gracie Hylton '23, Ilyas Kose '22, Kaitlyn Lee '23, Sophie Lee '22, Rohan Mehta '23, Abhi Patel '22, and Ali Riker '22) correctly predicted that “La vie” would win it all.

Although the champion was crowned at the beginning of the month, the fun continues. On Monday, April 19, Mickaël Pouvin offered a live stream direct from Réunion Island to teachers and students who had participated in Manie Musicale. He answered questions and even sang his song “Près des étoiles” for us!


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