Kindergarten Visits the Merle-Smith Campus

April 29, 2022

Kindergarteners made art with Mrs. Mauer, explored the wood studio with Mr. Brolly, and joined The Short Story Class for a creative activity in a series of recent visits.

The Short Story Class collaboration with the Downstairs Kindergarten came to a creative close this year with the Not a Box activity!

page-1-drawing-Apr-29-2022-08-20-00-13-PMFirst, the Story Buddies had lunch together on the Merle-Smith Campus, and then they all listened together to a reading of Antoinette Portis' picture book, Not a Box. The best part of the day was the activity of making our own Not-a-Box!

Each group of Story Buddies were given markers, tape, scissors, and of course, cardboard boxes. With our imaginations in full swing, we made a boat, a rocket-house, an art wall, a cave (with a waterfall), a castle-time machine, and a race car named Mustache Lightning!

Story Buddies were definitely thinking outside of the box with this activity!


Earlier this month, they also visited the art room! Kindergarten examined flowers and how they are designed, learned about texture and how to create it with oil pastel, and made a lot of different texture pieces to create spring flowers. Thanks, Mrs. Mauer, for the fun art lesson!

page-1-drawing (2) copyDuring another Merle-Smith adventure, students had the opportunity to work on a project in the wood studio with Mr. Brolly. They colored their own spinning tops and learned about the wood shop equipment. 


Kindergarteners had a great experience, and we can't wait to visit again!


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