Lenape Woven Baskets in Third-Grade Art Class

April 23, 2023

This trimester, third-grade artists are creating Lenape-inspired woven bowls in art class.

IMG_4362-1After studying the Lenape people in social studies, the cross-curricular focus was to learn two important art forms of the Lenape tribe: basket weaving and beadwork. Students decorated wooden beads and wove yarn through the cardboard to make their baskets. Studying the art of the Lenape people and attempting to replicate their common art forms is one-way students connect with this history and learn more about life for the Lenape people. 

See the beautiful finished works of art at the 33rd Annual Spring Art Show! Opening night will be Thursday, May 11th, 5 pm-7 pm. And VIP day is Friday, May 12th.


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