Lower School Chapel Food Drives Begin November 2

October 27, 2022

On the first Wednesday of each month, our Downtown Campus Lower School students and their families donate food to the Food Pantry at Central Moravian Church.

This ongoing service project is sponsored by our fourth grade, thanks to the leadership of our Downtown fourth grade teachers,  Mrs. Matlock, Sra. Medina, and Dr. Roeder. Students bring their donations to Lower School Chapel, where our fourth graders gather it together and transport it to the Food Pantry.

Our food drives begin this Wednesday, November 2, when we are also celebrating Día de los Muertos in Chapel. For your food donation this month, consider bringing the favorite food of a loved one who has died. These food donations will have a place of honor on our Chapel Ofrenda before they are transported to the Food Pantry by our fourth grade.

Connie Pearce, a member of Central Moravian Church, visited us in Chapel recently to share how the Food Pantry works, and what foods are best to bring. Here’s a video of her presentation.

          1. Food should be shelf-stable, not expired, and normal grocery store size.

          2. Bring grocery staples:  things like canned vegetables and fruit, tuna, beans, peanut butter and jelly, rice, pasta and sauce, mac n cheese, pancake mix, coffee and tea, cereal

          3. They also need baby products, including formula and baby food, and personal hygiene products.

          4. Snack food, cookies, birthday cake mixes, syrup, and other treat foods are welcome for the “party favor” shelf.

          5. You can also donate reusable shopping bags and clean plastic and brown paper grocery bags.

Thank you in advance for all the donations you will bring this year. If you have questions about the Food Drive, please contact the Lower School Office. 


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