MA Second Grade Penpals Come Together on the Swain Campus, Learn About Veterans Day

Swain and Downtown Campus second graders have been forming relationships as cross campus pen pals! The students from the Swain Campus sent an initial pen pal letter introducing themselves and asking important get-to-know you questions.

IMG-1253They will be writing to each other once a trimester. Today's visit consisted of a morning meeting together and Veteran's Day activities. Afterward they found their way to the cafeteria where they enjoyed a hot lunch with their pen pals. Before the Downtown Campus friends left, they had the opportunity to play with everyone! This is an amazing start to new friendships and everyone is thankful for our large community! 

Every year two veterans zoom in and share their experiences in the IMG-1278service with our students. Our Downtown Campus friends were able to join this year! Joe Reger, who is near and dear to the Swain Campus gives amazing insight on what his life was during his years of service in the Airforce. Along with Mr. Reger, is his brother-in-law Mr. Arahill who served in the Marines. The students enjoy learning and asking detailed questions for further understanding. After the zoom session was finished, the students colored a picture of a veteran and wrote a nice note to both of the guest speakers.



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