MA Theatre Shakespearean Sonnet Project

In honor of April's National Poetry Month, the call went out to Upper School students to dig into Shakespeare, prepare, and record one of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

The Shakespeare Sonnet is a major part of the Plays of Shakespeare curriculum and preparing these "mini-plays" is an excellent way to share poetry and flex one's acting muscles!  What we've prepared for you is an inside look at what makes up the Sonnets of Shakespeare and the beautiful work of Upper School actors, packaged as a podcast from the MA Upper School Theatre.

Please join us (Upper School Director of Theatre Jarrod Yuskauskas, Resident Dramaturg and English Department Chair Dr. Catherine Moore) and several wonderful actors on a Shakespearean Sonnet sojourn!

A big thank you to our Upper School participants:

#10: Ben Kraft ’20

#14: Yiyi Chen '22

#25: Katy Shnier '22

#27 & #40: John Marmaras '20

#43: Clara Floyd '20

#59: Jackson Oltman '22

#60: Emma Lamberti '20

#71: Logan Maniscalco '20

#80: Deb Katz '21

#92: Aidan Reese '20

#107: Claudia Hernandez '21

#121: Will Bingham '20

#147: Emma Gross '21


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