MABC: Live in Classrooms Since 1993

October 08, 2021

From 1993 to 2021, MABC (Moravian Academy Broadcasting Company) has provided all students in grades 1-5 with a daily morning broadcast.

Fifth-grade students meet every Thursday afternoon to write and produce content for the program. Every fifth-grade student goes live on MABC as an anchor, weatherperson, lost and found person, and presents a topic to the school. These jobs allow students to work on their public speaking skills and learn the art of flexibility to troubleshoot on the fly. They also learn how to use the teleprompter and the computer that broadcasts the program.

We welcome students from other grades to present a topic of their choice live on the program. Movies and school-wide announcements are shared, as well as special events from other classrooms. The joy and delight the fifth grade students receive from being a part of every aspect of the program is amazing to see. 


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