Swain's Book Fair is Here

October 08, 2021

This year's Fall Book Fair will run the week of October 18, and all students are welcome to join the fun. We love the love our students have for reading, and this is a perfect opportunity to find a new story to dive into. 

The book fair will take place in the afternoon throughout the week of October 18, and will be outside on the blacktop (or under the McCann Center portico as a rain backup!). Teachers have already signed up for a time to bring their class through, and The Swain Association has generously organized volunteers to help throughout the day. 

Book Fairs are an amazing opportunity for our students to explore new authors, stories, and topics outside of what we can offer in the library, and I am so looking forward to helping them discover new titles.

View the schedule below if you would like to send money along with your child on the day of their allotted shopping time, and let's get reading!

View the Schedule




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