Maryn and Greta Guroff Send Greetings from Portugal

May 19, 2023

On the last weekend in February, two of our Downtown Campus Middle School students departed on an adventure of a lifetime!

Maryn and Greta Guroff left the United States for Portugal with their parents as their mother accepted a work-related university fellowship. Over the past two months, Maryn and Greta were invited to Zoom into Mr. Lucas's US History class on several occasions so they could stay connected to the Moravian Academy community, and share all of their experiences firsthand with their classmates.

IMG_4500"To summarize, we’re having a great time, even if we miss home. It’s been fantastic. We’ve seen giant waves at Nazaré (look it up!), we’ve been to a Portuguese soccer (futebol) game, we’ve been to Porto and Lisbon and Aveiro, and we’re living in Coimbra. We’re stumbling through our Portuguese. But it’s been a great trip."

Read more exciting details about their overseas adventure!



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