Mayuka Karthik '24 Breaks Guinness World Record in Indian Dance

January 08, 2023

 The Moravian Academy community has a world record holder in its midst: Mayuka Karthik '24 holds a world record and earned Guinness record participation for Indian classical dance—Bharatanatyam. 

On December 17, 2022, Mauka participated in an Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam) World Record Event organized by International Carnatic Musicians and Dancers Association. The event comprised of ~9,000 dancers from around the world, who participated online to execute a 15 min non-stop dance performance depicting the devotional aspects of Mother Durga, The Hindu Goddess of Power.

Earlier in August 2022, she also participated in a Guinness World Record event conducted by the world renowned Indian classical Dance Guru, Shri Madurai Muralidharan, where ~900 dancers danced online for 30 minutes non- stop for  performance in praise of Tamil, the ancient Indian Dravidian language.

Mayuka is learning the ancient Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam from Guru Swapna Sridharan, the artistic director of Mayura Dance Academy in the Lehigh Valley, where she will be performing on Saturday, January 14, 2023. 


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