Middle School Field Day 2022

June 10, 2022

The Downtown Campus held the first annual Advisory Field Day Challenge for Middle School students!

There were 7 stations where two advisories competed against each other. They spent 6 minutes at each station with a 2-minute transition to the next station. Each advisory rotated through the stations twice, with one stop at the rest & refresh station. Advisories had themes for their groups, with some students opting to wear creative outfits.

Station activities included:

  • Sponge Relay
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors 4-minute challenge
  • Connect 4 Relay
  • Puzzle Relay
  • Cone Flip Relay
  • Hippity Hop Relay
  • Rest & Refresh
Middle School Field Day 2022

Everyone enjoyed pizza and Kona Ice for lunch before the kickball tournament, including a round of eighth-graders competing against teachers. We look forward to making this a new tradition!


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