SCORE Projects 2022

June 10, 2022

The Downtown Campus proudly presents the 2022 Student-Centered Original Research Experience (SCORE) projects. 

Stripling Model of Inquiry | Emerging AmericaSeventh and eighth-graders who completed a SCORE project shared their research and discoveries with their families, faculty, and fellow students on Monday, June 6, 2022. One of Moravian Academy's signature independent research experiences, SCORE uses the Stripling Model of Inquiry to guide students while their curiosity drives the research process. 

SCORE 2022

2022 Project Topics

Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
Protecting Giant Pandas: Why Every Penny Counts
The Solar System
Music Theory What Is Sleep Deprivation?
The Nature Scrapbook of Eastern Pennsylvania NASCAR v. Formula I Racing
Music and Mindfulness 2020 Congressional Redistricting Process
Cardboard Aquarium History of Jazz in America
How Has NFL Equipment Evolved Over the Last 30 Years
Vertical Farming
How Did Origami Start? Building a Computer
The History of the New England Patriots Making a Board Game
How Far Can a Ball Travel Bored off Its Mass? Writing a Novel
Season Sweets Shop: Creating a Small Business Can You Make Your Non-Dominant Hand Function as Your Dominant?
How Does Music Genres Change Over Years The Process of FDA Approval
The Tragedy of the Titanic PJAS project: ACL BOT
History of the Paralympics (Triathlon) The Differences Between the Average American Diet vs. Mediterranean
Impact of Gaming History of Guitars and Guitarists
Soccer: Technological Evolution Colored Lemonade
How the Gaming Industry Has Impacted Society The Gender Bias of American Healthcare
Soccer: Technological Evolution Candy Making: Saltwater Taffy
Are Death Penalties Effective? Girls Being Raised By Dads
Steam Trains: How They Run PJAS project: pH Levels’ Effect on Color of Avocado Dye
Learning to Animate Design a personal website
Activism History of nuclear weapons
Dewey's Delectable: A Small Business Reducing food waste
How Does Color Affect Memory? How Do Different Golf Balls Perform for Different Swing Speeds?
Architecture As Resistance Effects of Plants Against Soil Erosion
Fake Medicine & The Placebo Effect Experimental and Computer Simulation Studies to Dive Deeper into NASA's SuperBIT Telescope.
Learning How to 3D Print The Moral and Scientific Dilemma of Transgender Athletes
The History of Foraging in the U.S. Flower Power
Archaeology in God's Acre Reduction of Pollution Using Water
Altering Taste: Edible Flowers & Color Changing Flowers
The Study of Goats
The Black Plague Sexual Assault in the Workplace
Why Have Trading Sports Cards Gone Up in Price & Value?
The Effects of Aging on the Brain
Drugs and Their Effects The Study of Soil
The Life and Milestones of Rafa Nadal The Life of Walt Disney
Minecraft's Impact on Society  
Does Stretching Help Before Running, Distance Jumping, Sprinting?
The Dog IQ test  



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