Moravian Academy Competes at PJAS Regionals 2024

March 01, 2024

Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) held its Region 3 event on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at Northampton Community College. Students presented their independent STEM projects to judges who scored their projects. We are so proud of the accomplishments of all of our students! Students earning first and perfect score awards are invited to present their projects at the state level at Penn State - Main Campus in May.

  • Brian Lonabocker, Swain Campus PJAS Sponsor
  • JoAnne Daniels, PJAS Sponsor, and Lindsey Ronco, PJAS Advisor, Historic Downtown Campus 
  • Wendy Sheetz, Merle-Smith Campus PJAS Sponsor

The students’ projects and awards are as follow:


Swain Campus

First Award


Name/Grade Project Title Category
Ryan Doherty/ 7 How Air Pressure affects how far a soccer ball goes when kicked Physics
Kyler Flores/ 7 How mass and velocity affects a bigger splash Physics
Marcus Ciammaco/ 8 The Corrosion of Nails in Various Liquids Chemistry
Maya Estrada/ 8 How does the type of food affect the growth of a female duck?  Biology
Lauren Fleshman/ 8 The Effects of Amount of Butter on Chocolate Chip Cookies Chemistry
Alex Garrett/ 8 The Effect of Storage Temperature on the Amount of Popped Kernels Chemistry
Jack Garrity/ 8 The effect of different types of flours on the rise of cupcakes Chemistry
Aaron Kraus/ 8 The Effect of Height, Weight, Gender and Activity Level on Vital Capacity Behavioral
Duncan McIntosh/ 8 How feasible is it to produce hydrogen with lemons? Physics
Lia Nnenkwo/ 8 Does the color of the candle wax affect the brightness of the flame? Chemistry
Joel Okune/ 8 How does helium affect the way a soccer ball works Chemistry
Matthew Young/ 8 What brand of street hockey puck slides the best and most closely resembles the slide of a puck on ice? Physics

2nd Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Raya Chihi/ 7 Does the velocity affect the size of impact craters? Earth and Space
Peter Hanna/ 7 The Corrosive Effects of Regular and Diet Sodas Chemistry
Dalton Sprayberry/7 How Does Salinity Affect Conductivity? Chemistry
Brady Helmer/ 8 How different temperatures affect the air pressure of a football Physics
Derek Feliciano/ 8 What effects do different road materials have on climate change? Engineer
Kayden RoshanRouz/ 8 What technique removes the most mass from candy? Chemistry

3rd Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Aidan Khindri/ 7 What sports drink conducts the most electricity Chemistry



Historic Downtown Campus

Perfect Score Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
 Varshini Kommireddy / 7  Seed Germination in Response to pH  Botany

1st Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Aiza Akbar / 7 Sucrose and Glucose Content and Their Affect on Diabetes Chemistry
Chloe Balshi / 7 Can Listening to Music Improve Comprehension? Behavioral
Farah Bernhardt / 7 Are Glucose Levels Accurate in Different Confectionaries? Chemistry
Sophia Chen / 7 How Temperature Affects Enzyme Reaction Rates  Chemistry
Elizabeth Goodman / 7 How Does Caffeine Affect Pulse Rate? Biochemistry
Michael Lee / 7  On Preventing Mold Growth in French Fries Microbiology
Landon Sheatsley / 7 Can An Algorithm Outperform the S&P 500? Comp Sci
Clotilde Toso / 7 Electromagnetic Radiation of Mobile Devices  Physics
Henry Brown / 8 How Does Nozzle Design Affect Rocket Performance? Physics
Jason Cho / 8 How Does Potential Energy Relate to Kinetic Energy? Physics


2nd Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Fayzaan Jali / 7 Can I Make an Electric Car That Charges While Driving? Engineering
Autumn Xia / 7 Which Egg Substitutes Are Best for Baking Muffins? Chemistry


3rd Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
 Ayesha Janjua / 8 Heat Insulation Protection Materials Earth + Space


Merle-Smith Campus

1st Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Jolie Eyvazzadeh/11 Extracting Oil Out of the Ocean Using Paper Towel Components Engineering
Miriam Mira/ 11 Testing the Effect of Soil Types on Plant Growth Botany

2nd Award

Name/Grade Project Title Category
Aayona Vikram/10 The Green App; Are you Ecologically Sustainable? Comp Sci


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