Okezue Bell '23 Creates MedicalMaster App for FIRE

June 01, 2020

For his final spring-semester FIRE project, Okezue Bell created an application entitled "MedicalMaster - An Application Tailored by and for Medical Students." Okezue, whose project involved surveying hundreds of 4th-year medical students, writes that "future physicians should be afforded a comfortable and enriching application process as they embark on the early next steps of their fulfilling careers."

Using Python in Coderunner "allowed for seamless neural net and AI integration" in Okezue's project, including "the testing of thousands of iterative predictions of the neural networks to ensure efficiency and allow for X and Y data set outputs in exact decimals to quantify accuracy." In layperson's terms, Okezue's project makes it much easier for medical students to find the right match for their residency programs by taking into account the various stressors that exacerbate an already difficult process.

The app's features include "stress tracking, intelligent and integrated calendars, travel and lodging booking, patient load support systems, and other helpful resources." There's no doubt that Okezue, like his MedicalMaster app, has a bright future ahead!


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