Choosing Moravian Academy

June 01, 2020

Staying Close to Home

During these current times, with COVID-19 closing in-person schools and forcing students to be educated with virtual learning and leaving many parents unsettled about what all 2020 will look like for re-opening and the safe return to classrooms, a family that lives in the Lehigh Valley reached out about enrolling at Moravian. Their daughter was at a boarding school in the Midwest and their concerns were layered. They were looking for top-notch academics but also the social support a more local community could give their daughter. She went through the online process, met with our students via Zoom, and was sold. She will be enrolling in our 9th grade for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year.

Pursuing Academic Excellence

A current family in the admissions process is very interested in Moravian Academy for its academic excellence.  They’ve been considering Moravian Academy for the past couple of years, but the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this interest.  While Moravian has continued its pursuit of academic excellence during the recent school closures, that has not been their experience at their current school.  While they are not completely unsatisfied, they are concerned about how a potential virtual experience could look at their current school next year.  

An Educational Fit 

Moravian Academy continues to be a school choice for families who have seen their own schools close down recently for various reasons. Take, for example, a family currently in the admissions process. This family had been (happily) attending one of the local Catholic schools in the Lehigh Valley and found out abruptly that their school would be shuttering at the end of the academic year. Moravian Academy admissions professionals make it a practice to reach out to schools that are either closing or shifting priorities promptly to offer support and to be a resource for families looking for a new school setting.

The family was very interested in investigating whether Moravian would be a fit for their family. The student went through the testing process, has submitted recommendations, and the parents are currently working through the financial aid paperwork. We are committed to helping our families with need-based aid to help temper the cost of tuition. 

We are happy that we can be a resource for families who have had changes that disrupted their plans. We also have seen that the enthusiasm for being able to investigate Moravian has been overwhelming.

Moving to the Lehigh Valley

A current family in the admissions process, sought out Moravian as a place for their child transferring from an exclusive school in New York City. The family was moving permanently to their summer home in the Lehigh Valley in search of peace of mind, open space, and a reasonable commute to the city.  Moravian Academy was a perfect match providing top notch academics and whole student experience they were accustomed to at their independent school in the city. We are thrilled that families find us as a comparable alternative to New York City schools and that our reputation precedes us and draws families to us in the tri-state area.

Another current family starting the admissions process from New York City sought out Moravian Academy as a possible great choice for their children.  Moravian was appealing because of the small class sizes, academic rigor, and their desire for an environment that creates a love of learning. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, a suburban school may have the ability to offer more choices for virtual and in-person instruction.


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