Profe Gonzalo del Real to Present at AATSP National Conference

March 04, 2022

Spanish teacher, Gonzalo del Real has been chosen to present at the AATSP National Conference (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). 

The conference, which will take place July 9-12 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the largest gatherings of teachers and professors of Spanish and Portuguese from all over the United States who present on a variety of pedagogical, cultural, linguistic, justice, and literary topics.

Profe del Real will be presenting on a topic he has been working on for many years, A PBL Approach to Language Acquisition.  PBL, or Project-Based Learning, has been around for a couple decades and focuses on applying the knowledge gained in classrooms to real-world situations.  While it has been mostly used in STEM and social science fields, it is rare to see this done in the study of languages, where there are only a handful of published essays world-wide, and even fewer nation-wide. 

Profe del Real will present on how he has merged the PBL methodology with the standards for language learning from the leading linguistic organization in the US, ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), of which he was also recently elected Vice-Chair of its national Social Justice group division.


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