Religion, Storytelling, and Identity with Ninth Grade

December 03, 2021

On Thursday, December 2, in support of their history and English units on global religion, the ninth grade spent the school day exploring the impact of both religious and secular stories on individual and collective identity.

In the morning during Chapel, students had the opportunity to hear local religious leaders respond to the question, “What is the most important story your tradition tells, and how does that story inform your identity as a human being?”

Later, students held a dialogue with the guest religious leaders about their story as well as observed a ritual that is sacred to each religion. Guests included:

  • Priest Anand Balakrishnan
  • Muslim Chaplain Rubina Tareen
  • Rabbi Michael Singer

In the afternoon, students gathered in small groups to participate in their own storytelling exercise structured by the Narrative4 program, which was led by eleventh-grade mentors. There was a special regional lunch, snacks, and activities throughout the day to enrich the overall learning experience.


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