SCORE Projects 2023

June 04, 2023

The Downtown Campus proudly presents the 2023 Student-Centered Original Research Experience (SCORE) projects. 

IMG_8144Seventh and eighth-graders who completed a SCORE project shared their research and discoveries with their families, faculty, and fellow students on Friday, May 26, 2023. One of Moravian Academy's signature independent research experiences, SCORE uses the Stripling Model of Inquiry to guide students while their curiosity drives the research process. 

2023 Project Titles and Topics
Eighth Grade Seventh Grade
Nintendo: From Cards to Consoles Process for making Animated Films
Fast Fashion History of Harvard (focus on Admissions)
Short Stories Bird nesting study
(chickens and wild birds)
2D Animation and Theatre Science of baseball
Photography How Tesla became popular
Learning ASL History of flags
Engineering Stem Cell Research
Evolution of AI Engines (internal combustion engines)
Exploring Traditional Chinese Music Animal Testing Cruelty
Vegan Lifestyle Macaroons healthier dessert
Getting Hooked on Crochet History Philadelphia Phillies
How Senses Affect Taste OBGYN (as a career)
The Evolution of Fencing Fashion Design
Football Injuries and Prevention: ACL Tears and Concussions Skiing X Games
Effects of Reward and Punishment (PJAS) PJAS Video Games
How does the endocrine system affect the brain and the nervous system? Soccer Goat
Breaking down the mechanics of the tennis serve Penn State Wrestling
How dopamine affects the brain How Does One Become a Disney Imagineer?
How does your brain work with your eyes to see certain colors? How Lifestyle Affects Mental Health In Pre-Teens
The history of the sock Health APP for athletes/dancers - Rest and Recovery Both Mentally & Physically
How does a health diet benefit athletes? Are Roller Coasters Safe?
How does coloring affect the mind? What factors lead people to think about suicide and how we can help (Advocacy)?
Practicing Lacrosse to see progression with shooting Safety in the NFL the past 20 years
How does creatine affect the body? How Social Media Impacts and Affects Sports
Rising Cakes The Evolution of Formula 1 Engines
The History of the United Nations How Soccer Strategy & Tactical Movements Have Evolved Over Time
Diabetes La evolución de las reglas del US Open de hombres
The History of Waffles "you bring the corsets, we'll bring the cinches"
How does Minecraft affect the youth Chocolate alrededor del mundo
The Black Plague Musica digital vs. física
Sea Animals and animal chain  
Little People of America  



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