Swain Campus: All Sports Awards 2023

June 04, 2023

On Thursday, June 1, 2032, our Swain Campus community came together to recognize our student-athletes and all they have accomplished this year. We are so proud of the heart, sweat, and blood they put into their sports.

Fall Sports


  • Rookie of the year: Alex Romig '30
  • Most Improved Player: Derek Feliciano '28
  • Most Valuable Player: Joel Okune '28
  • Golden Boot (most goals scored): Toler Wreaks '27


  • Rookie of the Year: Brianna Harding '30
  • Most Improved Player: Jakob Sandhu '30
  • Most Valuable Player: Eloi Jackson '29

Cross Country

  • Rookie of the Year: Niamh McIntosh '30
  • Most Improved Player: Otis Sweeney '29
  • Most Valuable Player: Jack Garrity '28

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball

  • Rookie of the Year: Dylan Braverman '27
  • Most Improved Players: Brady Helmer '28, Joel Okune '28
  • Most Valuable Player: Jack Garrity '28

Girls Basketball

  • Rookie of the Year: Ellie Criscuolo '29
  • Most Improved Player: Emma Estrada '27
  • Most Valuable Player: Mirai Ambrose-John '27

Cross Training

  • Rookie of the Year: Ali Matic '30
  • Most Improved Player: Duncan McIntosh '28
  • Most Valuable Player: Hamilton Wreaks '28
Spring Sports


  • Rookie of the Year: Quitnin Brown '30
  • Most Improved Player: Vie Crerand '29
  • Most Valuable Player: Joel Okune '28


  • Rookie of the Year: Derrick Klotz '30
  • Most Improved: Otis Sweeney '29
  • Most Valuable: Elise Koprowski '29


  • Rookie of the Year: Jack Garrity '28
  • Most Improved Player: Marcus Ciamacco '28
  • Most Valuable Player: Derek Raudabaugh '27


  • Co-Most Valuable Players: Evan Scagliotti '28 & Aaron Kraus '28

The All Sports Award is given to the 8th-grade athletes who have participated in a sport every season since 5th grade. The following athletes are: 

  • Toler Wreaks '27

A huge thank you to the coaches who dedicated their time to make a difference in the lives of each student athlete. A special thank you goes to Gabe Velazquez, Dean Grube, Joe Reger, Raina Pletcher, and our administrators for providing these students with the opportunity to expand their talents.


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